Fan bearing wood borer Ptilinus pectinicornis

Adult male beetle

Size: 3-5mm

Shape: narrow

Colour: dark brown

Antennae: long, male with distinctive fan-like structure

Distinguishing features: very similar to Furniture beetle but thorax has no hump and the antennae are far more ornate.

Adults eat very little.

Larvae eat: sap wood often of recently felled wood.

Damage is: tunnels in wood and gritty frass. Exit holes are 1.5-2mm.

Other info: Ptilinus is mainly found in freshly felled timber and logs but has occasionally been discovered in recently constructed furniture. The males have very ornate, fan-like, antennae, which they use to detect the pheromone produced by the female.

Fan bearing wood borer Ptilinus pectinicornis