This is the second version of the website, originally created in 2011 as a follow up to the CD ROM of the same name. The original website had a great deal of support to bring it to fruition and those who assisted are listed below. The website was in real danger of being lost in 2020 due to support being withdrawn for it's software. In a very changed funding climate it seemed that it would not be possible to continue, but several organisations stepped forward and dug into their own reserves to enable this valuable resource to continue. I cannot begin to adequately express my thanks to them, their generosity is so very much appreciated.

These generous organisations are:

English Heritage with especial thanks to Amber Xavier-Rowe and Paul Lankester

ICM (Integrated Contamination Management), especially Nikolaus Justus Wilke

Museums Galleries Scotland, especially Joe Traynor and Hazel Wills

National Museums Northern Ireland, especially Ciarán Lavelle

The National Trust, especially Nigel Blades

Birmingham Museums Trust, my own organisation, for their support of the upgrade in many ways.


The orginal site, and much of the continuing content, benefitted hugely from support from the following people:

Simon Cane, then Head of Museum Operations at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery provided the impetus, the business plan and the encouragement to move the website from idea to finished product. 

Collections Trust gave their permission for use of many of the insect images and the insect fact sheets. 

Renaissance West Midlands and MLA provided the original funding that made it possible. 

Zygo Consulting provided, and continue to provide,the technical wizardry to transform very many sheets of flip chart paper and numerous discussions into the reality of the website. 

David Pinniger provided many of the photographs, entomological knowledge and proof reading. 

Annette Townsend for the beautiful and accurate insect drawings. 

David Crossley (FERA, York) and Garry Fry who between them took many of the photographs used in this website. 

Deborah Cane provided encouragement when the website and CD was one thing too many. 

Herbert Media for their patience and creativity in making the videos and Chris Kirby for his mellifluous voice-overs.

The content of this website was written by Jane Thompson Webb and David Pinniger. 

I would also like to acknowledge the hard work of Amy Crossman for generating the database of IPM references and for continuing to update it.


To those organisations who generously input their insect data to enable us to look at insect numbers and their spread make the Pest Recording Database the incredibly useful tool that it is, thank you. Particular thanks to EH for providing lots of data every quarter. DL, thank you is not enough.


Jane Thompson Webb December 2020