Database of IPM References

This database was compiled by Amy Crossman and David Pinniger.

It was last updated in August 2018 and it is intended that it will be updated annually to include new references.

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Author Co-authors Year Category Title Type of Publication Specific Reference ISBN/ISSN Editor Language
Zaitseva G A 1987 Treatment/Physical Chemical measures of protecting USSR museum collections against keratin- destroying insects (Coleoptera, Dermestidae: Tineidae). Paper ICOM-CC 8th Triennial Meeting, Australia 1987, pp. 1211- 1214. English
Zaitseva G A 1991 Monitoring and trapping Control of insects in museums: The use of light traps. Paper Proceedings of the International Conference of Biodeterioration of Cultural Property, Lucknow, February 20-25, 1989, pp. 469- 477. Agrawal O P and Dhawan S English
Zaitseva G A 1993 General Pest Management Studies of insects injurious to museum collections and their control in the USSR. Paper Recent advances in biodeterioration and biodegration, 1, chapter V1, p.233- 257. English
Zorzenon J F Junior Justin J 2006 General Pest Management Manual ilustrado de Pragas Urbanas e outros Animais Sinantropicos. Book Sao Paulo: Instituto Biologico. Portugese
Zycherman L A Schrock J R 1988 Strategies A guide to museum pest control. Book Washington DC, USA: American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and The Association of Systemics Collections. 942924142 Zycherman L A Schrock J R English