Museum nuisance beetle Reesa vespulae

Adult beetle, also known as the American nuisance

Size: 2-4mm

Shape: Oval

Colour: Dark brown with pale golden band

Antennae: short club

Distinguishing features: covered in short hairs with a band of golden hairs on the wing cases.

Larvae are pests of: dead insects and insect collections

Damage: large amounts of cast skins and frass

Adults eat: nothing

Often found on: insect collections

Uncommon but appears to be spreading and causes severe damage to insect collections because the insects are parthenogenic, there are no males and the adult females can reproduce without mating.

The larvae can be confused with Anthrenus, Trogoderma or Attagenus.
Reesa drawing

Museum nuisance beetle Reesa vespulae

Reesa drawing