Museum beetle Anthrenus museorum

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Size: 2-3 mm

Shape: rounded

Colour: black with a scattering of gold and white scales which are triangular shaped under high power magnification

Antennae: small, tight club

Distinguishing features: Typical carpet beetle shape 

Adults eat: Pollen and nectar

Larvae are pests of: Wool, fur, feathers, untanned skin and dead insects

Damage: Can be severe with holes, cast skins and frass

Often found on: This beetle is common in parts of Scandinavia and Europe, but rare in the UK. Although carpet beetles in collections are often referred to as "Museum beetles", they are usually found to be  A verbasci or one of the other species.

Note: A museorum is very difficult to distinguish from the common dark carpet beetle Anthrenus fuscus without a high powered microscope. 

Museum beetle Anthrenus museorum