Dermestes larva

Beetle larva

Size: 1mm when first hatched up to 15mm when fully grown.

Shape: tapered.

Colour: black/dark brown with pale cross bands

Antennae: not visible

Distinguishing features: bands of spiky black hairs. 
Two curved "horns" called urogomphi, at the back end. 

Hide beetle larvae D. lardarius and D. peruvianus are very difficult to distinguish from one another as the key feature is the shape of the urogomphi.

Larvae are pests of: dried animal protein such as dead rodents and birds. Larvae of D. peruvianus will also eat human food debris. When fully grown, they may tunnel into wood to pupate.

D. lardarius often found in chimney flues of historic houses. D. peruvianus is often found in mess rooms/catering areas. 

Dermestes larva