Firebrat Thermobia domestica

Adult very similar to silverfish but lives in hotter conditions


Shape: Long, tapered, torpedo-like. Often contracts on traps.

Colour: Mottled brownish grey, can darken on traps

Antennae: Very long and thin

Distinguishing features: Body is segmented, has three long bristles at the back end (cerci).
Firebrats have nymphs (miniature version of the adult) and not larvae. They are much paler and grow from 1-10mm.

Adults and nymphs are pests of: starchy paper.

Damage: Both adults and nymphs scrape the surface resulting in thinning and ragged holes.

Often found in: Warm, damp conditions. 

May be confused with Silverfish which needs cool, damp conditions.

Firebrat Thermobia domestica