What's Eating Your Collection?
What's Eating Your Collection is a website to help you understand what integrated pest management is, how to carry it out and how it can help you in your museum. It will also help you to identify the insects that you find and show you if you need to take action.

Identify and Solve

Use this interactive tool to find information about everything related to Integrated Pest Management.
  • Search the extensive pest database
  • View photographs and pictures of pests
  • Read about best practices
  • Find out where to get help

Pest Recording

The Pest Recording Database contains verified records of insect pests found by heritage organisations. This shows us where insects are found and pin points hot spots.

Database of IPM references

This database was compiled by Amy Crossman and David Pinniger.

It was last updated in June 2015 and it is intended that it will be updated annually to include new references.